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Dharu was born in Boppelsen, in Kennel Muna Ya Kusini ( on 07.04.2016, in a litter of 10 fantastic puppies (6 males and 4 females).

He spent 10 beautiful weeks with other Ridgebacks from which he was able to learn a lot and had an excellent socialization.

After 10 weeks he finally joined his fantastic family of Ana, Andrea, Kyle (his baby brother) and his older "brother" Yuki, a 5 year old Ridgeback.

Dharu has always been a very curious, active, playful puppy and he’s enthusiastic to learn.

Today Dharu is a beautiful male, powerful, muscular, with a very strong bone structure. He has an excellent temperament, with a balanced, sociable, energetic character.

Dharu is an extremely intelligent and work oriented dog, he loves to do activities like Obidience, Agility, Search & Rescue.

He is always ready to work and collaborate with his owner

Dharu has a fantastic life, lives in a house in the suburbs, where he walks in the woods every day at least 10 km, eats good quality food (Barf) and is loved and pampered... what more could he want!


C.I.B., I-JCh., MCh. Grand CH Royalty Dream Dharu of Muna ya Kusini
SHSBLOS 744258
SIRE: CH Ciroc of Malabo APD at Gondwana
DAM: ICH Yaw Adyuba Royalty by Flair for Gondwana

HD A/A, ED 0/0, OCD free
JME N/N (clear)
DM N/N - clear
Hämophilie B Faktor IX N/N (clear)
D-Lokus/Dilute D1 D/D (clear)
B-Lokus B/b (carrier)

Full dentition

Correct scissor bite

Hight 68 cm

Weight 45 Kg

Date of breeder test (ZZP) 22.04.2018


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